Welcome to the Love Being Me Course which is over 12 hours of content.


Each module stands on its own and also links up to other modules to form a whole course so you can make this as flexible as you want it to be.


Every module is a careful mixture of theory, great questions and then some suggested actions so that you can move your life to a place where you can say: ‘I love being me’, with confidence more and more of the time.


I will share stories and illustrations and although you will change your life by listening you will get far more from this course if you have a go at some of the ‘Do’s for the course.


Along with every audio you will get a PDF with key questions, actions and links to more on-line resources so you can explore the ideas you like in more depth.


The more you put into the course the more you will get out of it so really find out the bits that interest you and dive in deep; play with ideas, new ways of living and relating.


This course can work in any order although I think the Masks module is a good place to start and Gratitude is a good place to end.



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